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IAHS Scholarship Application Guidelines

"What My Italian Heritage Means To Me"

The Italian American Heritage Society (IAHS) is once again offering its annual scholarship program.  During the 2024 school year, we increased our scholarship monies from $500. to $1,000. Congratulations to Joey Caiola, Anna Grace Fuller, James Mayo, and Ella Miele who each won a $1,000 toward their tuition.  This year we hope to increase scholarship monies even more!  Applicants must be a high school senior or in college or accepted at a college.  The winners must be able to present their essays at the July 2025 general meeting of the Italian American Heritage Society (usually the second Sunday of the month). This meeting is held in the Parish Hall at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church located at 1730 Oxmoor Road, Homewood, Alabama 35209.




  • Applicant must be a relative of a dues paying member of the IAHS of Birmingham, Alabama.

  • Applicant must be a high school senior or in college or accepted at a college

  • Applicant must submit a cover letter with a resume that includes the following:​​ his or her name, age, USPS mailing address, email, and cell phone number

    • name of high school or college attending or accepted to attend and year in school 

    • school and community activities

    • the name of the relative who is a member of IAHS

    • the last four digits of his/her Social Security number (this number will be used to identify the applicant's  essay for anonymous review by the selection committee.  The selection committee will not see the cover page, so please do not staple the cover page to the essay.)​

    • name and address of registrar of college currently attending or accepted to attend (payment of scholarship will be mailed directly to the school)

  • Applicant writes and submits an essay of at least two (2) pages (typed, Times Roman, 12", double-spaced) explaining the topic, "What My Italian Heritage Means to Me."

  • Scholarship applications must be submitted by email to

  • Deadline for submission is on or before May 31, 2025.       


   For questions contact:

     Jeanette Campisi

     Scholarship Chairperson 

     205 617-4961 



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